Ben Hampson is a fiercely independent Brighton based producer, mixer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer with over 20 years’ experience. Starting as an assistant and engineer, working daily with artists such as Noel Gallagher, Bloc Party, Genesis, Status Quo, Editors, he quickly moved on to be a producer, engineer and mixer in his own right, racking up streams that number in the tens of millions; including work with artists such as Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub, Nadine Shah, Noisettes and British Sea Power etc. Ben collaborates closely with artists, with a focus on discovering the project’s unique aesthetic and sonic identity, tailoring the process to each project’s individual needs. This could include anything from writing, arranging, preproduction, playing, engineering, and mixing.


For Ben, 2021 has seen the restart of the AA Sessions, a collaborative music project that releases a single every month, with participants conceiving and executing a song in one day. AA Sessions is helmed by Ben in close conjunction with Steven Ansell (Blood Red Shoes) and Jazz Life records, drawing in an ever-growing list of collaborators including Soph Nathan (Our Girl), Jamie Hall (Tigercub/Nancy), Ben Hillier (Nadine Shah) as well as newer, up and coming artists.


Ben built and often works out of Agricultural Audio, along with likeminded producer, Ben Hillier (Nadine Shah, Blur, Depeche Mode), in the Lewes countryside. AA comprises a dual mix room and live room complex, featuring a handpicked and ever-growing range of vintage equipment, quirky instruments, oddities, and toys. The design is centred around capturing the moment of creation with a plug in and play approach. This private facility allows Ben the flexibility to accommodate a variety of budgets and an ability to always put the project first.

2021 credits so far....




Projector - ZERO EP - engineered/synths/produced/mixed

Ditz – FORTHCOMING ALBUM - engineered/produced/mixed

Hot Richard - FORTHCOMING EP (5 tracks) - engineered/produced/mixed

Laura Mary-Carter - FORTHCOMING EP/SINGLES - 3 tracks - mixer

AA Sessions - 12 COLLABORATIVE SINGLES ONGOING- cowriter/various instruments/engineer/producer/mixer




Projector - Keyboards/ Aux musician